• O2B Lung Health+ 200ml

O2B Lung Health+ is a fast acting, potent combination of medicinal herbs and carefully selected homeopathic remedies that are known to provide effective support for the normal function and maintenance of healthy lungs. This pleasant tasting herbal and homeopathic combination works in synergy in a nutritive way and has a gentle simulative effect on the respiratory system and at cellular levels it helps to fund bronchial renewal and help fight infections.

Support for:

  • Smoking or ex-smokers
  • Outside pollutants or smog
  • Asthma & bronchitis
  • Persistent or chronic cough (dry or productive)
  • Shortness of breath & wheezing
  • Pleurisy & pneumonia

Key benefits:

  • Supports and tones intricate bronchial passageways
  • Promotes effective and efficient clearing of mucous & catarrh
  • Enhances relaxation of airways
  • Potent antibacterial action 
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-viral
  • Calming & soothing decongestant
  • Supports the upper and lower respiratory systems

O2B Lung Health+ is a pleasant tasting liquid that offers a synergistic combination of seven powerful medicinal herbs and six key homeopathic remedies that provide comprehensive and fast acting effects to gently stimulate the entire respiratory system to clear airways and relax bronchial passageways to let you to breathe more easily.




Children (5 - 12 years) 2.5ml to 5ml.

Adults: 5 to 10ml or as directed by your health care professional.

Best taken in half a cup of warm water up to 3 times per day.


Adults: 4-6 sprays every 3-4 hours.

Children over 5 years: Half the adult dose.

Shake well before use. If symptoms persist seek professional advice.


Each 10mls contains herbal ingredients:  

Liquorice (equiv. to dry herb)200mg
Lavender (equiv. to dry herb)150mg
Thyme (equiv. to dry herb)150mg
Ginger (equiv. to dry herb)150mg
Horseradish (equiv. to dry herb)100mg
Fenugreek (equiv. to dry herb)100mg
Cayenne (equiv. to dry herb)12.5mg


Lung Health Travel Spray = 1ml approx 6 sprays

Homeopathic Contents:

  • Berberis
  • Bryonia
  • Hepar Sulph
  • Kali Bich
  • Hydrastis
  • Spongia

Free From:

Yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, artificial flavours or preservatives.

Processing aids:

Vegetable Glycerine, Grain Ethanol, Filtered water

O2B Lung Health+ is formulated using seven medicinal herbs and six homeopathic preparations below: 

Licorice's high demulcent content contributes greatly to the formula's effective soothing, anti-inflammatory qualities.

Acts as a metabolic catalyst, enhancing the effect of other herbs by helping circulate them rapidly through the body. Cayenne's stimulating action helps loosen the mucus in the lungs associated with infections.

Ginger root:
Is a naturally warming and circulatory stimulating herb and is renown as a powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-viral and lymph-cleanser.

Its powerful expectorant and antitussive actions help reduce mucus and clear lung congestion. Thyme calms coughing spasms and soothes mucous membranes to ease sore throats, and acts as a catalyst to relieve symptoms associated with chest infections.

Is an respiratory herb to supports healthy cleansing and has antibiotic activity against infection.

Is a powerful antiseptic, decongestant and expectorant. Lavender stimulates circulation while relaxing lung spasms also fundamental to promoting a restful sleep.

Have demulcent and astringent actions to help to soothe the mucus membranes and to improve their structure. Fenugreek encourages the expectoration of mucous, while at the same time helping to reduce excess mucus production while aiding the removal of mucus and phlegm from the bronchial tubes and expelling other toxic wastes through the lymphatic systems.

Often respiratory health is compromised by an increase in irritates passing through the mucus (this is called vicarious elimination) and this may lead to irritation and inflammation in the lungs or nasal sinuses and increases one's susceptibility to infections. Berberis supports hepatic (Liver and Gallbladder) drainage as well as the kidneys and urinary system, in so doing helps to reduce vicarious elimination and hence taking the load off the mucus membranes.

Is effective for dry hacking coughs, hoarseness, and expectoration of rust-coloured mucus (sputum) and alleviating 'stitching' pains, greatly aggravated by any motion, especially in the chest, larynx and trachea.

Hepar Sulph:
its purpose is for addressing lymphatic congestion and enlargement, and in supporting barberis in reducing vicerous elimination. It is indicated for infection or people are who are susceptible to infection of the mucus membranes including the upper and lower respiratory systems.

Kali Bich:
Indicated for yellow or yellow-green mucus discharge that is stringy or gel like and for effective treatment of chronic sinusitis and nasal ulceration, catarrhal (mucus), and laryngitis. It helps to promote normal breathing and drainage of mucus from the sinus cavities and nasal passages.

Hydrastis balances and normalize the mucus membranes throughout the body giving them tone and a healthy function and especially helpful where the person is weak and debilitated, old or easily tired.

Indicated for coughs that are dry, barking, croupy, and respiration that is short, panting and somewhat constrictive as if suffocating - particularly useful for people susceptible to asthma and asthma like conditions associated with the respiratory organs.


If taking prescription medication, pregnant, nursing or you have known ingredient sensitivities please consult your health care professional before taking this product.

Store below 30 degrees away from sunlight and out of the reach of children.


Not to be taken during pregnancy or nursing.

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O2B Lung Health+ 200ml

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