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Hnz Manuka Honey New Zealand Umf 6+ 500g

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Brand Name:Honey New Zealand Rewards: 19.79

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Honey New Zealand Manuka Honey 6+ 500g Honey New Zealand. Healing – as nature intended New Zealand is a little piece of paradise tucked away in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. In Maori, New Zealand is also known as Aotearoa, which when translated into English, means the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’. 80% of the plants and trees growing in the wild are only found in New Zealand. Each has developed its own immune system for protection against disease - steming from the fact that New Zealand is a protected ecological paradise. Nature’s best from New Zealand Honey New Zealand products are as pure and distinctive as the land they come from. The closer we get to nature, the more likely we are to find a product that replicates natural intention. The colours, flavours and health supporting properties found in our products aren’t found anywhere else in the world. We design Honey New Zealand products to fit our philosophy – unique and natural as nature intended. map The active ingredients and anti-oxidants in Honey New Zealand’s products can be used for added vitality and wellbeing, optimum oral health and immunity, as an agent with anti-bacterial properties can assist digestive health. .

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