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Hydrodol Hangover Relief 16 Capsules

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Hydrodol - A great Hangover remedy
It is best taken whilst on a big night out or at major social events or gatherings such as Christmas office parties, stags night out, hens night, the races or even a friday night!!, but you can take it the next morning when you wake up..
What is Hydrodol? 
Hydrodol is a comprehensive formula that replaces all the good nutrients that your body loses when you’re drinking. The things you can’t replace on your own like vitamins, minerals, sugars and amino acids.
Our enhanced formula now has the Chinese herb Kudzu-Pueraria-Lobta for powerful hydration - which has been used to relieve hangovers for centuries!
Planning a big night out?
If you’re having a party, going to a festival, night on the town, birthday, hens night, stag night, day at the races, New Year’s Eve party, night out clubbing, BBQ with friends, or any social drinking engagement, try Hydrodol and wake up feeling great!

Don't want a hangover?
Feeling run down? Lacking in energy? Hydrodol is not only an effective hangover pill but an effective cure for headaches and fatigue. By hydrating the body Hydrodol leaves you feeling energetic and refreshed.
Don't drink? Go all night & avoid the thirst!
Want to party all night, nonstop? Without having to buy overpriced water in clubs. Avoid the thirst and keep hydrated all night with Hydrodol. Its natural ingredients keep you hydrated for longer.
*Scroll down for the FAQ's on Hydrodol*
Active Ingredients:
Each capsule contains:
Amino Acids
Alanine 10.5mg, Leucine 7.5mg, Isoleucine 7.5mg, Valine 7.5mg, Glycine 3mg, Serine 1.5mg, Phenylalanine 0.15mg, Tyrosine 0.15mg, Histidine 0.15mg, Glutamine 0.15mg, Asparagine 0.15mg, Proline 0.15mg, Lysine hydrochloride 0.15mg Theronine 0.15mg, Methionine 0.15mg, Cysteine 0.15mg
Sodium phosphate 3mg, Sodium bicarbonate 2.25mg, Magnesium aspartate 0.30mg, ferrous funarate 0.30mg
Corn Maltodextrin 168.45mg, Sorbitol 63mg, Dextrose monogydrate 21mg
Ascorbic acid 0.90mg, Nicotinamide 0.30mg, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate 0.30mg, Calcium pantothenate 0.30mg, Riboflavin 0.30mg, Thiamine hydrochloride 0.30mg
Alpha lipoic acid
Chinese Herb
How do I take Hydrodol?
The makers of Hydrodol have made Hydrodol capsules small so they’re easier to swallow.
You take 4 capsules while drinking. Yes, that’s right, you take Hydrodol while you are drinking Alternatively take 4 capsules the morning after drinking.
Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamins are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.
Don’t forget that Hydrodol is just those amino acids, vitamins and minerals that need replacing when you have a big night out.
Remember that Hydrodol won’t lessen the effects of alcohol; it just helps with the nasty side effects.
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Hydrodol Hangover Relief 16 Capsules
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